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clothes for foodies. Yes, please.

29 Nov

I love these gift ideas from the Too cute!

Click here for the full list.


xoxo, Ari


Let’s hear it for the boys!

23 Nov

I usually get caught up in the whole holiday shopping business and end up buying more for me than others. If you plan on dropping some dough on your guy (BF, Hubby, Dad or G-PA, etc.), then here are a few items he might like. Plus, they fit any budget.

1. Cashmere Blend Zip Neck Sweater

Comfortable AND Stylish

2. Rad-looking Watch

3. iPad or other neat-looking computer gadget

4. Duffle bag. Hook’Em!


6.My friend was raving about these L.L. Bean Boots


7. Seriously, who doesn’t need socks?

8. Hoodie @Target

9. Tickets to something. i.e. Favorite sports team, movie, event

10.Gift CARDS! Let ’em buy what he wants

11. Keep him classy a.k.a buy him this.

Hope this helps!

Are you heading out for Black Friday? I considered it, but the long lines and crowds are keeping me back. Online shopping sounds best. Kate and Pippa Middelton support that!

Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving! or Happy rest of the week!



I’m in the holiday spirit

22 Nov

Yes I am! I was browsing through the Macy’s Holiday Catalog and the new Michael Kors purse caught my eye. I think I’ll be buying myself my own present this year.

Mini Crostata: Apple

20 Nov

My parents love it when I make Ina Garten’s Summer Fruit Crostata (I love making it too!).

They’ve been asking me to make one for the past month. Since peaches aren’t in season, I decided to try something fit for the fall:  Ina’s Apple Crostata BUT in Mini form!

Check out the step by step below. Errr uhh…my QUICK step by step. 🙂


xoxo, Ari

Prep for the Pastry: Flour, Sugar, Salt, Butter and Ice Water

Pulse until it looks like this

Form into a disc, wrap and chill for at least 1 hour

While it’s chilling…

Slice and dice Apples and coat with Orange Zest

Prep the topping: Cinnamon, All Spice, Salt, Flour, Sugar and BUTTER! (1/2 stick)

Mix and form a crumble with your hands. Mmmm delicious…

Roll out dough and cut out into small discs

(Almost done!)

Fill and top

(I think I added a little too much filling…)

Pinch ‘n bake!

(450 degrees F)


Warm Mini Apple Crostata’s


Happy Friday!

18 Nov

Here are my picks for the weekend.

Have a splendid one!

xoxo, Ari

What a week! I’m so thankful

18 Nov

This week has been stressful. My dad was rushed to the hospital and was finally released last night. He is doing OK, but there are more follow-ups to come.

I’m relieved he is home, though.

I apologize for missing blog posts this week, but I’m sure you can understand. My brain and heart have calmed down and I’m looking forward to the beautiful weekend ahead of me.


Bake THESE delicious-looking Pumpkin Cookies with Brown Butter Icing from my go-t0 baking blog, Brown Eyed Baker. I’ll post my own “How-To” Sunday. Can’t wait.

Photo from Brown Eyed Baker

On another note, I’ve been reading a lot of posts about how companies and brands are decorating too early for the holidays. I LOVE  the early decor! Christmas comes and goes too quickly in my opinion. So the earlier the better for me.

Second on my list: Maybe  squeeze in some DIY time and make my Personal Holiday Greeting Cards for 2011!

Well because it is Friday and Lovely out, here are a few of my favorite things this week:

For the foodies: Salt + Magic Shaker Wands.

Make your meal MAGICAL!

Caroline Bootie from Target.

Because it is getting a bit chilly out.

Gold and Silver Wrapping Paper

via LonnyMag.

Jonathan Adler’s Needlepoint Zodiac Pillows

AND Martha Stewart’s crafty Button Ornaments!

xoxo, Ari

StyleMint T’s

15 Nov

My STYLE Mint T’s arrived in the mail yesterday. I’m going to have a full review later this week (hopefully). I’m wearing the Broadway in Hibiscus today!

I loved the packaging they came in. Pretty faux leather ribbon wrapped securely around simple paper.

xoxo, Ari

I’m stumped.

14 Nov

What shoes would you pair with this dress?

I think it needs a blazer, too.

REISS Marcel Dress

xoxo, Ari

Pinks, and purples, and cupcakes! Oh, my!

14 Nov

This weekend I had the privilege of creating birthday cupcakes for one of my colleagues. Her daughter turned three and she decided to have a Princess-inspired birthday party.

I used my favorite go-to Vanilla Buttercream recipe  from Brown Eyed Baker for the pink and lavender frostings. Plus, I added edible sparkle dust to make them shine!

Check out the photos below. She said they were a hit!

xoxo, Ari

Ari’s Pick: November Weekend

11 Nov

One last post before the weekend begins.

I tried signing up for Polyvore, but there were issues with the login. SO, I made one myself.

Because of this weeks “Gold” theme, check out my “Ari’s Pick” for a Golden Night Out.

What are your plans for the weekend?

xoxo, Ari.