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27 Sep

Today is THE day. Only 4 hours left until I arrive at the title company and sign a BAZILLION papers. I need to remember to stretch out my fingers for this.

I was a nervous wreck up until yesterday when my amazing realtor and friend, Lauren, called and explained everything that would be happening today. It took about 15 minutes after that for me to calm down, but now I am relaxed. All I have to bring to the closing is myself, my ID and a check. Thank goodness.

Good news is that my parents and boyfriend are on their way from Houston for support and to help me unpack my belongings all weekend. Oh! My dad decided to bring the dogs. Just the thought of those monsters being here was an added stress I wasn’t looking forward to. But both my mom and dad and my boyfriend calmed me down and let me know that it would all be OK.

So for now I am going to get myself ready (I’m only stressed about what I’m going to wear now!), eat some breakfast, stop by the bank and head on over for my final walkthrough.

Wish me luck!



P.S. I wanted to add a google image of signing papers, but they are all man hands. Why? haha


There’s no place like home

25 Sep
Balloons added with PicSayPro

Balloons added with PicSayPro

Recently I purchased a David Weekley home in Austin, Texas (my current city) in the Mueller Development, which is located to the east of IH-35 between Airport and 51st Street. Thinking back, I should have began posting my trials and tribulations from the beginning of this whole house searching saga. Now that it is ALMOST all over with (I close this coming Friday), I decided I should blog about my experience and first year of home ownership.

This last week has been a bit overwhelming and stressful. I’ve had many appointments, scheduling issues, packing issues and more. On top of all that, I was promoted at work and now I’m learning all sorts of new things. So my brain is a bit fried with two very major life changes happening at the same time. But hey, that’s life for ya. I’m trying to keep my sanity and stay positive. My family, friends and loving boyfriend are offering me the best support. I owe so much to them and am truly grateful they are in my life. I’ll write more on that subject later.

For now, my goal is to help others, myself included, understand what it is like to be a first time homebuyer in my late 20’s and technically single (There’s no ring on my finger). The main topic of this blog over the next year will be what it is like to be a homeowner (decorating, maitenance, life in Mueller, etc.) but there will still be posts about lifestyle subjects , too (fashion, recipes and more).

Thanks for coming on this journey with me. Although I still call the house I grew up in “My Home”, I’m hoping to soon accept that I’m growing up and this will now be My “no place like home” home.




Tried and True

7 Mar

Wow. It has been quite a while since I last updated my blog. I’m back! Let’s make this short.

I thought I’d start off by asking you guys a question.

What beauty product has been there for you? Your tried and true. You know, the one that you will never give up because you know it works and always will. Mine is BIOSILK by FAROUK Systems. I’ve been using it since I was in the 6th grade and I’ve been using their heat styling tool, CHI, since the 7th grade. My hair is still healthy as ever. Full, shiny and smooth. Never gonna give you up, BIOSILK and CHI!

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 10.02.12 PM

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 10.02.49 PM

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 10.08.31 PM


Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 10.08.24 PM



So what beauty product is your favorite? Your tried and true?




Ace of Lace

26 Aug

Classic. Feminine. Chic.






Via Pinterest

Lace on a budget.





Forever 21







Forever 21


Forever 21

xoxo, Ari


18 Jun

So, it has been a while since I’v updated. I can explain.

First, I MOVED! Yup. Finally moved back to Austin which I thought I’d be excited about, but then I got here and missed everyone in Houston so much. More on that later.

Second, I went on a mini-vacay to New Mexico (I’ll upload photos later).

Third, I’ve just been lazy. So lazy that I created a VLOG to explain everything that’s gone on this past month past month (harassment and spider included. yeah…) But of course I have no idea how to upload it and didn’t want to do the research. SOOOO, I’ll probably post that later too.

Can’t go into much detail now because I’m about to head out, but I did want to share a new recipe I tried from Brown Eyed Baker – Mojito Cupcakes! SOOOO delicious. Check it out below.

xoxo, Ari


not the best quality (taken with camera phone).

You down with JCP? Yeah, you know me!

8 Feb

Have you seen the JCPenney commercials? Ya know, the something new on 2.2.12 one? They made me laugh and yes, they got me interested. I always thought of JCPenney as an old-woman store where I only went to buy linens and towels. Great news, they’ve re-vamped. The new catalog ditches old school style and embraces the new. Here’s a sneak peek in case you didn’t receive one in the mail. You can also check out the full catalog on the JCP Facebook page here.

Enjoy and Happy Shopping!

xoxo, Ari

I am in love with the green pencil skirt, multi-colored stripes dress and look that billowy striped skirt. Hello!

So what are your thoughts? Do you like the new JCP? Any looks you might try? Let me know!


5 Jan

The past week has been pretty emotional. My emotions have been all over the place in such a short amount of time.

The loss of a friend is difficult and something I have not experienced before. I have lost my grandmother and was just a little girl when my mother’s best friend passed away, but for some reason this loss (Ryan) has had a real affect on me. I spoke with one of his other close friends last night and we were both talking about what we have taken away from this, and that is something positive.

Visiting Ryan in the hospital brought a great influence on me and in a strong and positive way. I realized that I am so blessed and have amazing people in my life. I also realized how important being happy and doing what makes you happiest means. Enjoying life, living it to its fullest, expressing your emotions, and not holding back. I am not really sure how to express this in the right way. It all makes sense in my head. So, I am going to use a picture to express what I feel I have gained from this.

Pure joy is where you find it

When I saw this card again, it reminded me of Ryan. He was always so happy and just a genuinely good person. That smile of his was contagious and now I am looking forward to finding “pure joy” everyday. This card captures what I have learned. There is always joy, you just have to find it. I know Ryan does not want us to be sad, so I am sending this smile to him. Love.

Goodbye dear friend

5 Jan

Yesterday we lost a bright, tremendously kind, and high spirited person, Ryan Gregory. Ryan has been battling with cancer for over a year and a half and has been going through treatments until Sunday, December 26, 2009. He was taken to the hospital and taken off his cancer medication. Many of his friends and family traveled to see him and say their goodbyes and I was one of them.

The last time I had seen Ryan was in Austin, Texas where we had first met. He was undergoing treatment, but he was still the same old Ryan- Laughing, joking around, smiling, and thinking positive. When I walked into his room last Wednesday, I was overwhelmed with sadness. To see him in the state he was in broke my heart. He was only 29.

But he greeted us all with a smile in his hospital room. His face lit up when he saw a new friend walk in. His face lit up when he found all his candies to eat. And he even had the strength to go outside with his friends in the hospital garden. When I went up to say hello he said, “Long time no see!” with a smile. I leaned in for a gentle hug and gave him a kiss on his right cheek. He pulled me in deeper for one of the strongest hugs and placed a kiss on my right cheek. It is a hug I will not forget. 🙂

Ryan, you are no longer in pain and you have taught all of us great things. I will never forget your smile and your warmth and I am glad you were a part of my life. You will still be a part of my life and all of those you have touched. Rest in peace, friend.


Ryan and Ari ACL 2007

“To live in hearts we leave behind, Is not to die.” -Thomas Campbell

Ryan, you have touched our hearts. R.I.P.