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Lovely Little Things Lovely Little Friday

30 Sep


Aren’t you glad it is FINALLY Friday? I sure am. I’m looking forward to a weekend of lounging around, reading and maybe watching a movie or two. Have a good one!

Here are a few of my favorite things I found this week:

Skeleton Ring here

miu miu Booties here

Cupcake Ferris Wheel here

Party Dress here

Anthropologie Top here

xoxo Ari


Spooky and Fun Paper Decorations + Brains!

28 Sep

Halloween Wednesday!

Throwing a halloween party? Check out these cute DIY Halloween decorations and braintastic cupcakes!

For someone with a strong stomach 🙂

DIY Chandelier here

DIY Pacman Garland here

Brains! Cupcake Kit here

xoxo Ari

Decisions Decisons

27 Sep

So, what are YOU going to be for Halloween this year? I have my top three picks below. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Rockabilly/Pin Up Girl


Lee Meriweather as Catwoman


I really wanted the one directly above, but I am on the waiting list. (Sad Face).

Ms. Brody Dalle. Love.

Maybe I’ll have time to do all three! Just kidding…

xoxo Ari


Have a lovely weekend

23 Sep

Have a lovely weekend everyone! What are your plans? I’ll be baking and co-hosting a wedding shower. I can’t wait to dress up and be super girly all weekend long. Pictures will be up Monday!

Here are some beautiful home designs via Lonny Mag. ENJOY!

xoxo Ari

Hold the Rainbow

22 Sep

WHOA! Check these err… uhh, very colorful foodie images via Henry Hargreaves Photography.

Rainbow colored bacon. Interesting.

xoxo Ari

Glamourous Witches and Skeleton Dreams

21 Sep

It’s getting closer! Halloween is almost here. I was once terrified of this little holiday. I’d hide in my room and paint or draw until all the trick-or-treaters were tucked away in their homes. Once I refused to walk up the sidewalk to receive candy. The owner ended up having to throw tootsie rolls down the sidewalk for me. I was standing in the street. Eeek! He was dressed as a scarecrow in a rocking chair. Umm CREEEEPY.

Anyway, now I embrace it. I love helping friends make their costumes and making my own. My creativity shines on Halloween. 🙂 I’m already thinking of a costume for the next year and I haven’t even celebrated this year!

So here it is. My first Halloween Wednesday post. I’ll be posting DIY treats and crafts for your viewing pleasure every Wednesday from now until Halloween.

Today we have GLAM Witches (so cute! Look at the glitter!) and Spooky Skeletons. Fancy.

I don’t have the patience for the haunted house, but maybe one day I’ll make it! One day… 🙂

DIY Easy Peasy Glam Witch cupcake tutorial here.

Skelton Cupcakes and Spooky House tutorial here.

Be Creative. Enjoy!

xoxo Ari

A bit of inspiration

21 Sep

OK. I MUST think positive thoughts. Good things WILL happen. I AM a creative, smart, strong, talented, beautiful, kind woman. I BELIEVE in ME!

Photos via (here, here, here, here and here)

xoxo Ari

Cutest cookies ever?

19 Sep

Okay maybe not ever, but they are the first (and therefore CUTEST) Star Trek cookies I’ve seen.

Live long and prosper.

Recipe and tutorial at

xoxo Ari

Butterflies and Friday!

16 Sep

My grandmother LOVED butterflies. She collected butterfly magnets, pins, necklaces and on and on. My absolute FAVORITE out of her whole collection though, were her butterfly drinking glasses. I remember when my mother told me I could have them. I knew I’d treasure them forever.

Thank you grandma. I love you and miss you. I know you are watching down on me. Love.

Here are a few beautiful images of butterflies. Have a lovely weekend everyone. Be different.

Louis Vuitton!

“Flutter” by Art on Globes

Images via myself, and here and here.

xoxo Ari

I Heart Lamp

15 Sep

Metalsmith artist, Robert True Ogden, is featured in Anthropologie’s September newsletter. What an imagination! I love them all. The use of vintage accessories and old parts gives them a rustic yet home-y feel. Check them out for yourself here.

xoxo Ari

This is my favorite.