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Sunday Family and Football

27 Sep

The family decided to drive up for the BIG Texans vs. Cowboys game this past weekend. The TEXANS lost. MAJOR. Like, I was seriously embarrassed for them. Oh well. It’s just the beginning.

I decided to make Texans and Cowboys themed cookies using Martha Stewart’s AMAZING perfect sugar cookie recipe + royal icing.

Check out the photos below.

Our masterpieces

I convinced my mom, aunt and cousin to help with the decorating. My aunt and cousin made all the Cowboys cookies and my mom and I made the Texans cookies. Cute. As you can see, we weren’t quite sure what to do for the Texans cookies besides make red and blue designs. I managed to create the Texans mascot on a few cookies, though. 🙂

The recipe rocked. I love how the recipe calls for 2 tablespoons of Brandy! I only added 1 1/2 tbls, but WOW — it definitely made a difference. The small was strong as I was rolling the dough out. The taste was not overwhelming once baked, but I do agree that it adds an extra punch to sugar cookies. This is now my go-t0 sugar cookie recipe.

The Royal Icing was also a big hit. I added about 1 1/2 tbls of lemon juice. I have A LOT leftover though…I guess I can try mixing other colors in with the blue and red. 🙂

Overall, the cookies were a big hit.

xoxo, Ari


Stock up for Fall

23 Sep

Peacock feather printed panty hose AND butterly printed panty hose!  I placed my order and could not wait to try them on. They were shipped from Israel! Pretty rad. You can check out the ETSY designs here.

Perfect for my Peacock costume this Halloween.

xoxo, Ari


15 Sep

Wouldn’t it be great to work at Hallmark? I am not sure exactly what they do, but I imagine that I would spend my workdays laughing, drawing, researching, and chatting with coworkers. I would create beautiful cards for perfect occasions. If only…

Last Christmas I decided to make my own Christmas cards. I received positive feedback during our Christmas party when I laid them out for display. “You should sell these!”

I even made Birthday Cards for my close friends. So I think I can do this. I will probably spend more making them, but I gotta start somewhere.

Samples below.

Holiday Cards

Jessica's Card

I made Owl card for my good friend, Jessica. She loves owls.

I have an overwhelming collection of fashion magazines that I use to create my cards. I wonder if there are any copyright issues I should worry about….

xoxo Ari

Heel Time

14 Sep

Since I haven’t posted in a while…here are some amazing shoes!


Enzo Anglioni Glitter Pumps a.k.a. MY 25th Birthday Shoes

My Favorite United Nude heels

I found these back in March so they are outdated. Great photo to look at to help jumpstart new and exciting ideas.

Flower Pumps

Another pair of shoes I haven’t worn. My collection of unworn shoes is growing. Something needs to be done about this.

I guess it is just another excuse to play dress up!

Cupcake Pops

14 Sep

I saw these adorable creations and just had to test the recipe.

I used Duncan Heins Moist Chocolate Cake Mix and Ghiradelli chocolate candies for coating. Plus lots of fun sprinkles and other toppers.

I am going to try cheesecake pops next. Those should be yummy!

Poplicious Chocolate Pops

Part of my job is to research baking and cooking blogs. That’s how I discovered this recipe.  You can find recipes and SUPER cute pop designs at

Love, Ari

Beach Bliss

13 Sep

Here are a few photos from my beach vacation this past August.

Love, Ari




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