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Hubbell & Hudson – Woodlands, TX

3 May

Hubbell & Hudson is a the Woodland’s mini version of Central Market. At least I don’t have to drive as far to get my unique grocery shopping fix.

As you walk through the sliding doors your eyes are immediately drawn to the large bouquets of flower arrangements. I snapped a couple of pictures of the flowers because they were just so beautiful.

Something neat about this grocery store is that they make handmade organic pasta. It looks delicious, but I didn’t feel like buying any at the time. Instead I went for the candy jars filled with sweet treats!

I will definitely be heading back soon, especially since Mother’s Day is coming up and my mother pointed out everything in the store she wanted, hinting at Mother’s Day…



NEW SHOES!! (That are still not on sale…)

2 May

The first time I saw these flats back in 2009, I thought, “MUST. WANT. NEED!” Then I read the price, sigh* $89.99 for that tiny little shoe? So, I passed.

Well, I made another trip to the mall and tried them on. OH! Oh why!? I bought them. TOTAL= $96.89

But they are purrrrfect. MY signature leopard print. I love them, and hey – you only live once, right? 😉