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Got Etsy’d away

14 Dec

Yes. I was looking for ONE item and then I was sucked into the world of ETSY. I had to stop myself before I was carried even farther away.

I found some neat stuff though!

Something  you’d find at Anthro but for a reasonable price!

Chic Masquerade

Hamsa Earrings

Stocking stuffer!

French Note Cards

For the baker

Trinket Necklace

xoxo, Ari


Dear, Santa.

13 Dec

I’ve been a good girl this year. I’d really like these gorgeous red heels.




xoxo, Ari

Bath time

9 Dec

My future baby will be so fresh and so clean in this pink Swarovski baby bling bath tub. D’awwwww.

Oh the lives of the rich, famous and sometimes tasteless. Can also be used to chill your champagne or wash your adorable puppies and kittens.

Still cute, though!

Oh! They have a big-girl version, too. INDULGE.

Images via here.

xoxo, Ari

sparkle and shine

8 Dec

The dress is purchased! I hope it fits.

Because the dress is flirty, fun and sparkly I decided to make this post all about the glitz! Whether it is a dress, table setting, hair accessory or cookie shoe, you’ll find all that sparkles and shines in today’s post. ENJOY!

1. Embellished Party Dress

2. HGTV Garland

3. YUMMY Display

4. Jimmy Choo iPad Case

5. Mirror Garland

6. HGTV Glitter Letters

7. Gemstone Magnets (LOVE!)

8. Sparkle Heels

9. Miu Miu Cookie

10. Glitter Flower Clip

11. Love Always display

xoxo, Ari

Put a stamp on it

6 Dec

Just completed my order for my original Holiday 2011 cards. I’ve had these since 2008! Finally I am getting around to scanning and mailing. Sheesh!

I used SirSpeedy (a bit expensive), but reliable, fast and they do a great job. They’ve become a little worn over the past three years, but I think it gives them character.

I wonder which card you’ll be receiving. I saved the best for last. 😉


‘Tis the season to be fabulous!

Blue Christmas

1 Dec

December is here. YAY! Countdown to Christmas has begun.

I thought I’d put something together other than the usual red, white and green and decided on BLUE as my color theme for this week.
A collection of creative DIY ornaments and decorating tips for your viewing pleasure below. One project I can’t wait to try out is the festive garland (see images). I first saw it here, but thought the price was too high. Now I can make it myself with my supply of tissue paper (on sale at my local craft store.). Plus, it is great for almost any occasion and makes a beautiful gift.

Here are a few lovely photos to start this magical month.


hohoho, Ari

Follow the links!

Ornaments via Country Living and Saks Fifth Avenue

Blue Christmas Decor via December issue of Better Homes & Gardens

Garland How-to

Images scanned and edited by me. (Except for the last two).