Let’s hear it for the boys!

23 Nov

I usually get caught up in the whole holiday shopping business and end up buying more for me than others. If you plan on dropping some dough on your guy (BF, Hubby, Dad or G-PA, etc.), then here are a few items he might like. Plus, they fit any budget.

1. Cashmere Blend Zip Neck Sweater

Comfortable AND Stylish

2. Rad-looking Watch

3. iPad or other neat-looking computer gadget

4. Duffle bag. Hook’Em!


6.My friend was raving about these L.L. Bean Boots


7. Seriously, who doesn’t need socks?

8. Hoodie @Target

9. Tickets to something. i.e. Favorite sports team, movie, event

10.Gift CARDS! Let ’em buy what he wants

11. Keep him classy a.k.a buy him this.

Hope this helps!

Are you heading out for Black Friday? I considered it, but the long lines and crowds are keeping me back. Online shopping sounds best. Kate and Pippa Middelton support that!

Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving! or Happy rest of the week!




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