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Hello, Darlings!

8 Feb


It’s been a while. This is my FIRST post of the NEW YEAR and we are already in the second month of 2012.  I always get wrapped up in all the holiday hoop-lah and my blog takes a back seat. Anywho, I’ve come across some amazing photos, good times and happenings since my last post, but I’m going to focus on what’s coming up soon for now.

Valentine’s Day!

I know I know, some people cringe at the thought of a “holiday” that markets off of one day to show your true love to another when really, every day you should. But  I can’t help but fall for all the cutesy, lovey-dovey and friendly cards, treats, songs, and colors that go along with it. I mean, c’mon, I’m a girl in love. Even when I was single I enjoyed the holiday.

This year I’m celebrating early with some of my girlfriends in our first “Galentine’s Day” (thanks Parks and Rec!). We are having the ultimate “Girls Night In” packed with girly movies, makeovers, nail polish, treats, gal talk and everything else cheesy-girl-tastic into one night. Oh, there will be plenty of fruity drinks served in plastic glasses decorated with pink and red hearts. On sale for $1 at my local HEB!

Recipe here

Then, February 14 ( just like any other day) the GUY and I will be happily snacking on gourmet pizza, wine and cake while watching GLEE. Yes, I think that’s romantic. It is. Actually, I may switch it up and ask for champagne instead of wine.

Anyhizzle, here are some findings for you to enjoy! I’ll have another one dedicated to sweets and crafts soon!

xoxo, Ari.

1. Paper Straws – Hearts


3. Heart Drop Earrings

4. Kiss Clutch

5. Kiss Me Cardigan (I own this one. I LOVE it!)