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My heart cake. I did it!!!

20 Feb

Okay, so I’ve been admiring I Heart Baker’s Heart Cake recipe for the past year. So, I gathered up the courage and decided to test it out. Davey loves coconut, so I decided to use Ina Garten’s Coconut Cake recipe insteadĀ of the original Magnolia Cake recipe. Oh, and I cheated on the red velvet part. Because I didn’t want to make a lot of extra cake for the heart filling, I went ahead and made a trip to my favorite local bakery, Rao’s, and bought one red velvet cupcake for $3. šŸ˜‰

The four layers of coconut cake were baked and refrigerated on Sunday. Monday was frosting and carving time (eeek!). Then, the moment of truth came Tuesday, Valentine’s Day…and theĀ results were TERRIFIC! Ā I cannot even begin to explain how much joy I felt after I sliced the first piece and saw my little red velvet heart inside.

“I did it!” I did it! There cute little heart was there …on my FIRST try! I couldn’t believe it.

Okay, so it was leaning slightly, but I think I did OK for my first try!

Bleeding Love? Just kidding.

If you love to bake and are ready to take on a “culinary challenge” then give this cake a try. I love it mucho!




Sun and Rain

24 Aug

The rainbow cake was a big hit at an Oscar party I attended earlier this year. I found the recipe on the Whisk Kid blog. The owner is so talented. She even made it on the Martha Stewart Show!

Here is the original recipe.

Take a look at this other version from Bakingdom.com. The fondant flowers are precious!

Speaking of heart cakes…

From I Am Baker Blog. Tutorial and recipe here.

xoxo Ari