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27 Sep

Today is THE day. Only 4 hours left until I arrive at the title company and sign a BAZILLION papers. I need to remember to stretch out my fingers for this.

I was a nervous wreck up until yesterday when my amazing realtor and friend, Lauren, called and explained everything that would be happening today. It took about 15 minutes after that for me to calm down, but now I am relaxed. All I have to bring to the closing is myself, my ID and a check. Thank goodness.

Good news is that my parents and boyfriend are on their way from Houston for support and to help me unpack my belongings all weekend. Oh! My dad decided to bring the dogs. Just the thought of those monsters being here was an added stress I wasn’t looking forward to. But both my mom and dad and my boyfriend calmed me down and let me know that it would all be OK.

So for now I am going to get myself ready (I’m only stressed about what I’m going to wear now!), eat some breakfast, stop by the bank and head on over for my final walkthrough.

Wish me luck!



P.S. I wanted to add a google image of signing papers, but they are all man hands. Why? haha