Spring, bounce and hop into Spring Fashions

23 Mar

Forever 21 can be a hit or miss. I prefer to shop online actually. I know most of you like to try things on in the store, but when I walk into ANY Forever 21 I feel completely overwhelmed. There are just TOO many items of clothing, accessories, etc to browse through.

Anywho, I am 100% satisfied with my recent purchases online. I’m even impressed with the quality! FYI this is a Top and Blouse only post. I don’t think I’d ever buy anything for my bottom half without trying it on IN STORE.

Check ’em out. xoxo

Striped Boatneck

The material on this one hugs you just right in all the right places.

STRIPES! Plus it has cute accent buttons on the sleeves and shoulder.

Okay, so the model doesn’t look too happy, which doesn’t help the sell, but I LOVE this top. The material feels great against your skin, PLUS I saw a similar top on ABC’s Happy Endings worn by Elisha Cuthbert. I paired it with dark skinny jeans and boots. Love it.
Also paired with dark denim or a denim skirt. See-through, so you can wear any under T for a hint of color.
Chambray Button up top
Sadly, this one is no longer available. Paired it with a light pair of khakis. My boyfriend loved it.
I like that it is not as heavy as normal Denim Button Ups.
You can’t really tell, but this top is covered in White Roses. Great for Spring.
So, do you prefer online shopping or in-store when it comes to places like Forever 21, Gap, ZARA, etc?

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