Happy Friday – Skincare + Makeup

9 Mar

Not sure what to post about today so I thought I’d share some new products I’ve been using over the past month (Love them all!). I usually stick to my basics (which are on the expensive side), but thought I’d give the drugstore brands a try, too.

There are tons of reviews out there, but mine will be short and sweet.

1. I purchased my Clarisonic mia from ULTA back in February. I LOVE it. Scrubs, deep cleans and leaves your skin feeling smooth and fresh. OK. This one was pricey.

Yes, I bought the Leopard Print one 😉

2. Oilatum Natural Repair – Face Cream. BEST. I’ve been on the search for the perfect face moisturizer. The classics, Olay and Avon made my skin too oily and felt heavy. Clinique was OK. and Creme de Mer is too expensive ($130+), but this one takes the cake. The only problem is that they only sell it in London and I think Canada. One of my friends sent me some from her stash. She frequents London a bit. Thanks, Traci!

3. Almay Smart Shade Concealer with SPF! Don’t be fooled by the white shade when you first apply. It blends with your skin and works better than my Chanel! This is only my second day though. Hopefully I love it forever, because Chanel can be a bit pricey.

4. Fairest Nude by L’Oreal Paris. AWESOME. New favorite colour.

5. Eucerin Original Lotion. Dry Skin Therapy. Perfect for my trip to Colorado. I wish they made bigger bottles.

That’s all for now.

I’m planning on drafting some more exciting posts about makeup, goodies, treats and more this weekend.

Until then…




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