AHHH! It’s Halloween Wednesday

12 Oct

Ok. Most of the Halloween cupcakes I’ve seen this year have been on the “cute” side. Well, except for maybe the brain cupcakes. But Epicurious took Halloween cupcake decorating to a whole new tummy-turning level. I could stomach the first two, but the rest are a bit much for me. What do you think? I give them props for creativity, though. Check out the last one! EEEK!

Which are your favorites?

Yeah. That last one…eeek!

kinda xoxo…Ari.


One Response to “AHHH! It’s Halloween Wednesday”

  1. Jessica Hernandez October 12, 2011 at 8:26 am #

    what the what is the last one? is it peeling back snow that has blood underneath? hehe, either way as long as it’s delicious i don’t care!

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