Glamourous Witches and Skeleton Dreams

21 Sep

It’s getting closer! Halloween is almost here. I was once terrified of this little holiday. I’d hide in my room and paint or draw until all the trick-or-treaters were tucked away in their homes. Once I refused to walk up the sidewalk to receive candy. The owner ended up having to throw tootsie rolls down the sidewalk for me. I was standing in the street. Eeek! He was dressed as a scarecrow in a rocking chair. Umm CREEEEPY.

Anyway, now I embrace it. I love helping friends make their costumes and making my own. My creativity shines on Halloween. 🙂 I’m already thinking of a costume for the next year and I haven’t even celebrated this year!

So here it is. My first Halloween Wednesday post. I’ll be posting DIY treats and crafts for your viewing pleasure every Wednesday from now until Halloween.

Today we have GLAM Witches (so cute! Look at the glitter!) and Spooky Skeletons. Fancy.

I don’t have the patience for the haunted house, but maybe one day I’ll make it! One day… 🙂

DIY Easy Peasy Glam Witch cupcake tutorial here.

Skelton Cupcakes and Spooky House tutorial here.

Be Creative. Enjoy!

xoxo Ari


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