GLAM: Watches

31 Aug

Fall is almost here, which means it will be hot/warm in Houston for another two months. Noooo. I can’t wait to move (sometime in the future) to a city that has actual seasons. Houston pretty much has summer and a few weeks of “cold” weather. Hmph.

Anyway, fall and winter are my favorite times of the year because the weather is great and I get paid holidays! I also love to layer and wear extra accessories besides my pearls. Watches are a great accessory and I love my Perfect Timing watch from Francesca’s. I usually wear it during the cooler months though.

Here are a few watches I love love love. Prices from budget-friendly to high-end splurge!

Rainbow of affordable watches from Francesca’s

Perfect Timing Black & Gold – Francesca’s (I own this one!)

Perfect Timing White & Gold  – Francesca’s

Gold Rush – Francesca’s

Betsy Johnson Leopard Print Patent Leather – Macy’s 

Freelock – Harpers Bazaar via

Citizen Watch – Macy’s

and jumping several thousand up…

Tiffany Atlas® Watch – Tiffany

xoxo Ari


One Response to “GLAM: Watches”

  1. Rachel September 1, 2011 at 7:22 am #

    I LOVE the women’s watches that are over-sized…! I want one!!

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