Austin, Texas

29 Aug

This past weekend I visited my best friend Julia and her family in Austin, Texas. It was great spending time hanging out, eating, cooking and shopping together.

We met some of Julia’s extended family at Corazon’s Friday night. I tried the Freaky-Tiki Martini. DELISH but STRONG. Made with ginger vodka, ground pineapple and whatever else you throw in a martini glass and shake. Julia tried the Jalapeno-Hibiscus Martini. It was SPICY. Had a great kick to it. I highly recommend.

For dinner I settled on the Shrimp “Voo-doo” with mango salsa and the cutest tamale I’ve ever seen. It was made with banana! Very interesting. Who’da thunk it? I highly recommend this dish, especially if you LOVE spicy food. My mouth was on fire! In a good way.

Coconut Crusted “Voodoo Shrimp” with a Mango-Habanero Salsa

Coconut crusted and fried large Gulf shrimp served on a generous bed of spicy Caribbean-style mango and habanero sauce.      Served with a banana and corn pone filled tamale and topped with a fresh papaya and pineapple relish and an electric lime      and mango puree. OooOh yeaaah!

You can find the dinner menu here.


Now, onto Gourdoughs. LORDY. My goodness gracious. Sinful desserts I tell ya! We were in the middle of a round of Apples to Apples and one of my words happened to be “Doughnuts.” Well, one thing led to another, and Julia and I set off on a donut run.

Gordough’s popped up on Yelp with great reviews, so we headed that way. WOW.

For real the donuts are BIG, FAT and ROUND. They’re made fresh, so we had to wait a bit, but boy was it worth it. Well, my bum and thighs think otherwise…


The menu is below. I added purple stars next to the donuts we tried. Son of a Peach is my fave! The Blue Balls were divine. Oh, and I forgot to put a star next to Heavenly Hash, also very good. Description is right above the Son of a Peach. This is definitely a stoner hangout. The place is open until 3 am. Sheesh!

Read on if you DARE. Camera snap shots of the sinful donuts are below.


Son of a Peach and Blue Balls covered in blueberry goo-ness.

Digging in! Heavenly Hash top left corner. Right under that is a Naughty & Nice. Cherry Bomb in the middle. Son of a Peach and Blue Balls bottom right.

I think I gained 5 lbs just looking at these. Oi!


xoxo Ari





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