Goodbye dear friend

5 Jan

Yesterday we lost a bright, tremendously kind, and high spirited person, Ryan Gregory. Ryan has been battling with cancer for over a year and a half and has been going through treatments until Sunday, December 26, 2009. He was taken to the hospital and taken off his cancer medication. Many of his friends and family traveled to see him and say their goodbyes and I was one of them.

The last time I had seen Ryan was in Austin, Texas where we had first met. He was undergoing treatment, but he was still the same old Ryan- Laughing, joking around, smiling, and thinking positive. When I walked into his room last Wednesday, I was overwhelmed with sadness. To see him in the state he was in broke my heart. He was only 29.

But he greeted us all with a smile in his hospital room. His face lit up when he saw a new friend walk in. His face lit up when he found all his candies to eat. And he even had the strength to go outside with his friends in the hospital garden. When I went up to say hello he said, “Long time no see!” with a smile. I leaned in for a gentle hug and gave him a kiss on his right cheek. He pulled me in deeper for one of the strongest hugs and placed a kiss on my right cheek. It is a hug I will not forget. đŸ™‚

Ryan, you are no longer in pain and you have taught all of us great things. I will never forget your smile and your warmth and I am glad you were a part of my life. You will still be a part of my life and all of those you have touched. Rest in peace, friend.


Ryan and Ari ACL 2007

“To live in hearts we leave behind, Is not to die.” -Thomas Campbell

Ryan, you have touched our hearts. R.I.P.


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