I never leave the house without…

21 Oct

I DO NOT leave the house without a splash of blush or mascara on my face. Well, except for when I workout…I only use mascara then 😉

I picked out my basics, which I think should be in every gals purse for those “just in case” purposes.

Ôscillation Masacar by Lancome & Covergirl Line Exact Liquid Liner

Ôscillation Masacar by Lancome & Covergirl Line Exact Liquid Liner

Ôscillation Mascara by Lancome, is THE BEST masacara. Seriously. I heard about it from my friend Laura, and the way she described it, “With one swoop my lashes were done. Plus, they looked so long and gorgeous!” I was sold. So, I went to the Lancome counter and it’s true! With just ONE swoop my lashes were super sexy, long, and gorgeous! Definitely check this mascara out! By the way, FREE shipping on any order until October 23rd!

I’ve sworn by Covergirls Line Exact Liquid Liner. It dries so fast! Plus, the brush leaves an amazing line (thin or bold) just like their website says. It also comes in other colors, but I love the black. It makes my lashes appear thicker and fuller with just one sweep on my upper lids. Remember to shake before applying!

NARS Orgasm Blush & CHANEL Double Perfection Compact

NARS Orgasm Blush & CHANEL Double Perfection Compact

NARS has this blush that looks great on almost EVERY skin tone- ORGASM. What a name, right? Well, it pretty much is the most amazing blush out there!

My best friends Julia and Rachel have very different skin tones. Julia is very very pale with porcelain like skin, and Rachel is filipina and has a much darker skin complexion. I on the other hand, am the lightest olive colored skin tone and I swear, this color looks great on all of us! No wonder it has won “Best of Sephora” 5 years in a row! I searched and searched for the perfect blush and this is the one I have stuck with for the past 5 1/2 years. WIN!

OKAY. So, I know the makeup trend is moving towards mineral makeup, and I  admit I was once a bare minerals user. That is, until I found the softest, lightest, incredible POWDER makeup….DOUBLE PERFECTION COMPACT by CHANEL. It took me forever to put any type of concealer or foundation on my face. I was a NO foundation kind of girl until I ran into Bare Minerals, but then I didn’t really like that either. To me, I couldn’t really see a difference, PLUS it made a huge mess everywhere I took it! But, this all changed once I found Double Perfection by CHANEL. Oh, CHANEL! I don’t think you can do any wrong. I even use a brush to apply it! This powder is so easy, comes in a sleek case, and lasts! Definitely something you should check out next beauty buy session. Stop by your local CHANEL counter and give it a try. You’ll fall in love.


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